Wednesday, March 4, 2009

SYLVANIA PalPODzzz Portable Nightlights -My Review

When Parent Bloggers Network asked me to try out Sylvania's new PalPODzzz portable nightlight, I was over the moon as we have a bit of a flashlight fixation in this house. Flashlights are a massive source of power for little hands and I think they make nighttime so much better for mamas and papas.I was excited to try out these new Sylvania's LED nightlights and I am happy to report that I like the unit very much. The nightlight has a sturdy little base that recharges the cool rocket ship and doesn't look too junky sitting on my sons nightstand. The cord is a little fumbly and it gets knocked off the nightstand daily, but it is not terribly annoying. Finn can easily work the rocket as it is simple to remove and attach to the base. I like this. Finn has been using it each night and the LED light is a strong beam that bounces across the wall as he makes his nightly visits to the potty for just one more drink of water. I love the fact that it does not take batteries and is safe for little hands.

Finn likes it because he says, I can use it like a flashlight, a night light, and a toy."
He is quite smitten with it and so am I.

They also have a ladybug version that is super cute and some other
other bloggers are chatting about it too!

It would make a great shower gift for a baby shower.
I liked getting gifts that had a lot of life.
A new mom could use this and then the wee one could start using it as a toddler.
Not too shabby for a 20.00 gift!

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