Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Yummy Mummy Manifesto Review

I thought this book was going to be fluff. Seriously. I even told my husband that I already knew what it was going to be like. Wrong... I loved this book. Anna Johnson is brilliant. The book is a lovely journey through motherhood with advice, reflection, inspiration, and humor all mixed together in a really readable way. I found that I could relate to the book on many levels as it was not just telling me to be fabulous because I could be, but it was giving me tips and tricks to remembering that person I used to be. It was urging me to recapture my diva in real world ways. Hello- get dressed/pamper yrself regularly and feel better! It is a good gentle reminder of self love. I adored her humor (Cleavage as silencer./People tell you that carrying a baby is sexy, liberating even, and it is hard to believe them. The physical inconvenience and the inflated scale are not images we associate freely with pleasure. But pregnancy is hot, as well as heavy.) I loved her ideas that ranged from breastfeeding to eco friendly lifestyle to home decor. This book has a lot going on and it perfect for a new mummy.
I liked how she wrote in the preface:
“Osho, the Indian mystic, once wrote that when a child is born, a mother is born too."
This is so true. We are born again and must find ourselves.
I think this book holds truths for each kind of mummy. I can see Earthy mums and Manolo mums equally enjoying this as the author has balanced the book well for all of us. I was delighted with her style tips, frankness about most subjects, and her down to earth voice. I think she is probably a fabulous mum to be friends with and we are lucky that she has compiled this mother of coolness for us. I was feeling a bit blah when I read the book and have since picked up a bit more vavavoom. Yay for the Yummy Mummy!!!!!
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