Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Staying in Touch with Family ideas this 2010- THE TOP TEN IDEAS

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We are all busy.
BUSY is a word that we throw around without much thought in life...
It is important to find the time for family no matter how BUSY we are.
It is important to connect and feel tethered to our lives.
How do you do it?
Here are some cool ways we are trying to stay connected
and some awesome ideas I have noticed in the blogosphere:

The family meeting:
Seriously. We need a come to each other night once a week. Family dinners are ace but I think one night a week as a family is so important. Make it a movie night or a round table meeting with ice cream at the end. Just do it.

For reals. Mom and Dad can stay wicked in touch with what is going on with smartphones. If We did not have blackberries in our house we would not be as in touch as we are.
Life is easier with the technology we have.
For real.

The family notebook or sketchbook:
Love the idea of a family notebook to write to each other- leave messages, ideas, problems. Questions...OR just cool art like this family.
Ownership is a big thing here. Buy in comes from use.
It is awesome.

The calendar of Life
Buy a gorgeous calendar and display it prominently in your home.
Even little ones can see their names and start to understand the concept.

Busy Body Books are great because they separate everyone
and make it a at a glance station for the family.

Little Love notes in lunches
Don't forget to woo your mate. Woo your kids too. Love. Spread it around in wee notes tucked in lunches or pockets. It means the world to them. Leave a word of the day written on lunch bags. Tell a joke on a napkin. Tell yr spouse little saucy sentences on a tiny slip of paper. GO!

Blog it baby!
The big and small parts of life can be documented and shared with loved ones near and far.
We all know the power of the blog. This year let younger members of the family start a blog or teach grandparents how to blog to tell the history of their lives to the family. Blogging is powerful.
Harness it.

Staycations local love affairs:
Explore the local amazing place you live together! Make memories by visiting one new place nearby each month. Make a scrapbook or take photos and make memories. Stimulate the economy where you live. Learn! Live!

The family that gives back together:
Find a charity and work it in 2010.
You will bond over giving back.
There are so many charities that need you!

Sykpe Time:
Faraway family no longer means huge phone bills and stress.
We skype all the time to our UK family and love it! It is simple and so MUCH FUN!

Hobby Time:
Take a leap into a new year of learning.
Photography is a great hobby for kids and adults.
Try something new together! Sushi making? Art? Sports?

Check out the Family Connections Group at BlogHer for more ideas!

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