Sunday, September 28, 2008

Zoo Keeper for Hire! Must love Monkeys!

I am living with monkeys. The climb all over me and jump from the coffee table to the sofa and I even caught one on top of the table attempting to swing from hanging pendant lamp yesterday. They use their monkey toes to pinch me and they threaten my sanity. They are age 20 months and four years and they are my monkey boys.
It is funny how they cannot keep still for long before the jumping resumes. I bought books and got DVDs out of the library about monkeys for them because it is uncanny how my home seems like a jungle sometimes. I tried to show them that even monkeys sometimes sit around quietly and pick dirt and groom one another. I tell them monkey's nap and monkeys relax. My monkey boys just laugh and bounce up and down on the couch.

Since they love animals these little guys I thought we might try this:

Parent Bloggers network has teamed up with Generation Next this week to announce their brand-new product - iKnow Animals, Letters & Sounds. I love how this media kit looks like a great mix of graphics, gorgeous tunes, and fun video to promote literacy and keep children mindful of the animal world and our planet. I really want this. I also really want a zookeeper some days.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

and yr little for a little while

breaking my heart to today
watching my wee one dance to this
beautiful song

winner winner chicken dinner

Amy from Pretty Babies won the amazing Scott's Giveaway and Erin from Hammer and a Nail won the copy of Matrimony!
Sorry to post a few days late guys!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Year Supply of Scott Bath and Towels/Win it now!

The kind folks at Scott Common Sense Community have offered up a years supply of bath and towel tissue to my readers who check out the Scott Common Sense Community!
(Approximate Retail Value - $144)
All you need to do it go over to this cool new site and check out all the tips and leave a comment about something on the site that seemed interesting or cool to you. I encourage you to dig a round a bit bc I actually found quite a few tips there. It is an interactive site that wants you to leave yr best tips and tricks too. Yay come on- this is what we do all day long. We share information over the blogosphere...right?
Good Luck!
I will close the give away Tuesday at 10pm.

Matrimony Giveaway!

Leave a comment and win an autographed copy from my pal Joshua Henkin.

Description of Matrimony from website:

It is 1987, and Julian Wainwright, aspiring writer and Waspy son of New York City old money, meets beautiful, Jewish Mia Mendelsohn in the laundry room at Graymont College. So begins a love affair that, spurred on by family tragedy, will take Julian and Mia across the country and back, through several college towns, spanning twenty years.

From the moment he was born, Julian Wainwright has lived a life of Waspy privilege. The son of a Yale-educated investment banker, he grew up in a huge apartment on Sutton Place, high above the East River, and attended a tony Manhattan private school. Yet, more than anything, he wants to get out--out from under his parents' influence, off to Graymont College, in western Massachusetts, where he hopes to become a writer.

When he arrives, in the fall of 1986, Julian meets Carter Heinz, a scholarship student from California with whom he develops a strong but ambivalent friendship. Carter's mother, desperate to save money for his college education, used to buy him reversible clothing, figuring she was getting two items for the price of one. Now, spending time with Julian, Carter seethes with resentment. He swears he will grow up to be wealthy--wealthier, even, than Julian himself.

Then, one day, flipping through the college facebook, Julian and Carter see a photo of Mia Mendelsohn. Mia from Montreal, they call her. Beautiful, Jewish, the daughter of a physics professor at McGill, Mia is--Julian and Carter agree--dreamy, urbane, stylish, refined.

But Julian gets to Mia first, meeting her by chance in the college laundry room. Soon they begin a love affair that--spurred on by family tragedy--will carry them to graduation and beyond, taking them through several college towns, spanning twenty years. But when Carter reappears, working for an Internet company in California, he throws everyone's life into turmoil: Julian's, Mia's, his own.

Starting at the height of the Reagan era and ending in the new millennium, Matrimony is about love and friendship, about money and ambition, desire and tensions of faith. It asks what happens to a marriage when it is confronted by betrayal and the specter of mortality. What happens when people marry younger than they'd expected? Can love endure the passing of time?

In its emotional honesty, its luminous prose, its generosity and wry wit, Matrimony is a beautifully detailed portrait of what it means to share a life with someone--to do so when you're young, and to try again, afresh, on the brink of middle age.