Friday, September 12, 2008

Year Supply of Scott Bath and Towels/Win it now!

The kind folks at Scott Common Sense Community have offered up a years supply of bath and towel tissue to my readers who check out the Scott Common Sense Community!
(Approximate Retail Value - $144)
All you need to do it go over to this cool new site and check out all the tips and leave a comment about something on the site that seemed interesting or cool to you. I encourage you to dig a round a bit bc I actually found quite a few tips there. It is an interactive site that wants you to leave yr best tips and tricks too. Yay come on- this is what we do all day long. We share information over the blogosphere...right?
Good Luck!
I will close the give away Tuesday at 10pm.


Erin said...

I did spend a lot more time on the site because of all of the tips than I would have without them. I like the idea of being organized but I just can't make it happen. Of course, with some scott towels, Who knows what could happen?

Amy said...

I like free stuff, and I cannot lie!

Who knew that leaving an avocado seed in your guacomole would keep it from turning brown. I'll have to try that.

Thanks for the chance!

Tricia said...

I like this one because it contains a little science lesson and, really, I've always been suspicious of what's in those blue freezer packs:

Easy Ice Pack

For an ice pack that will conform to any shape, mix rubbing alcohol and water together in a tight-closing quart-size freezer bag and freeze. The combination will not freeze solid and can be used instead of expensive store-bought ice packs.

Jodi said...

I thought the Easy Ice Pack was cool, but I don't know about vinegar in the laundry...vinegar is smelly!

Thanks for the link to the site Amy, it's really cool!

paige said...


we use vinegar in the laundry and we're not smelly (well, at least ourlaundry isn't)

the tip about adding a paper towel to a bag of fresh veggies is spot on! it really does extend the life of your produce and nothing else seems to work as well--I've tried cloth napkins, or bits of tshirt instead, but paper towels are really the best.

Unknown said...

Scott paper towels are better than Bounty!

--Shelly in OH