Monday, January 12, 2009

Hylands! Saved me from the antibiotics!

OK. So I am the mom who never gave my kids any teething medicine and really never gives out Tylenol without a high fever. I like to keep it pretty natural and not give put OTC, but I realized that every time my kids have had earaches and go to the doctor they get antibiotics. Every single time. I dispense the antibiotics freely and it has started to make me worry a bit as I really don't want to have my kids taking these antibiotics so much. I read about antibiotics resistance issues and it freaks me out so when Hylands offered me some products to try for the cold and Flu season I could not refuse.

It was perfect timing to try the Earache Drops
as our whole family was coming down with a cold and my own ear was jabbing in pain. You know the kind of pinprick like sensation that makes you cringe every 20 minutes or so. (Yeah it was deligthful.) I used the drops on the whole family and although I did take my son to the doctor that week he did not have to go on antibiotics! ( a first!!!!)
I also had relief from my ear ache in 48 hours and was pretty darn happy with the result. It was a simple ear drop application and it really worked for us. I was somewhat skeptical as I am with most things natural. I do not believe in rock deodorant or the use of baking soda for teeth cleaning, but I really dig these drops. I am going to stock this in my arsenal always.
I like that I have a safe, natural, homeopathic choice now for the whole family.
Go Hylands!

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vincent said...

I used these drops when Stephanie was a baby/little girl for just about everything that they had them for. I loved them and to this day use them with Sienna also...