Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Euro Tote Review {5 products for three years in 1 system}


OK. So I am a desperate mother. 
I have a colicky baby and any carrier or wrap on the market I am game to try out for wee Scout!
Enter the Lilliebaby Euro Tote

The thing is like getting Willy Wonka's Golden Ticket. 
This carrier is quite amazing. 
The EuroTote isn't just a bag... it has five functions in one product:

Cradle Carrier- (up to 25 lb)
Bunting Bag- adjusts to baby's size
Stroller Bag- ideal for jogging or strolling
Play Blanket - a clean place to play, anywhere
Travel Bedding - a nest of familiarity and security

OK. The magic ticket for me is the cradle carrier function of the tote. 

Scout nestles in and loves the warm little nest it makes him. I think it has been the only product that has made the colic go away for us here in the mad house. We nestle him into it and the straps buckle around him and he settles down almost immediately. The tote has been a lifesaver for me. It is a nice quality product and the versatility is really ingenious. If I could only have three baby gear items it would be in the mix for this baby of mine. We use it every day and will recommend it to friends. My husband raves about this product too! He LOVES the carrier function and how simple it is to carry Scout upstairs and downstairs without waking the wee one. We love the Euro Tote!

But guess what? You can win one here! today!
Just leave a comment to win! 

This review was made possible by Mom Spark Media,  
but the thoughts and opinions I express are my own!


SelimaCat said...

It looks wonderful and snuggly!

Beth said...

LOVE IT. WANT ONE. :) (So glad it helped you guys!)

Melissa Vines said...

I've never seen these before...very cool!

Hillary said...

Oh my word - I'd love to win one.

paige said...

Me, me, me--pick me!

this is awesome with awesome sauce

momtini said...
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momtini said...

Amazing!!! Love it!!!

Amelia said...

Cool! Thanks for the chance!

Anne said...

Wow, I've never seen a cradle carrier like that. Ingenious!

Sara said...

A "golden ticket" of a product? My goodness, did the reseach after I saw that comment and you are right! The fact that it changes uses throughout the day and over the years makes the tote perfect as so often our little ones outgrow a product before they really get a chance to use it! Love it!

Mama K's said...

gorgeous! i would be the favorite auntie if i showed up with one of these.

Souphead said...

that looks fantastic! I'd love it!