Thursday, June 12, 2008

Week Three Summer Mini Camp

All around the world!

I like to create a passport for the kids during weeks that study other countries.
In previous summer school days I would take a piece of card stock and fold it in half and glue a photo of the child on front. I would make spaces in the inside for "stamping" each country as they took a visit. It was a nice daily routine for World week.

Fact Finders:
(Read Frommers travel guides and this too
Finn M'Coul (The giant of knockmany hill book by Tomie De Paola)
Craft -
Make Christmas Crackers!
Snack- High Tea! Serve tea and bisquits (cookies)

Fact finders:
( Read Frommers and we like these books: A Family from Japan by Julia Waterlow and National Geographic Japan)
Fable: The Star Festival
craft: Poetry Strips
Snack- Sushi oh yeah! Visit to a sushi restaurant or grab some sushi from the grocery for a treat.

Fact Finders:
(Frommers and this one)
Fable: ( I love Indian Tales a Barefoot collection by Shenaaz Nanji!) many to choose
Craft: Rangoli
Snack: nan bread! Make yr own- check out this great post about nan!


Fact Finders:
Frommers and When the World Began by Elizabeth Laird
Fable: Anansi is great here- check the library for tons of books!
Craft: Batik -check this out
Snack: Make Injera ( sponge bread)

Fact Finders:

Frommer and A Visit to Greece by Connie Roop and Welcome to Greece by Meredith Costain
Fable: Mythology all the way here! Get some ideas here and here
Craft: Evil eyes! Make some evil eyes and hang from the windows
Snack: Yumm! Make A Greek Village Salad

I also like to have a welcome home party! Celebrate what is cool about yr state/town/country on Friday at dinner time! :)
Don't forget to wake yr child up each morning and say Welcome to ______
Learn a phrase each day of the language!!!


jendoop said...

Thanks so much, great links too! I might incorporate the country for the day into dinner that night as well.

We're a few weeks behind you in getting our summer started, today was our neighborhood walk. (we went too far and are ready for naps now!)

amy t sharp of doobleh-vay said...

I am so behind from a festival that we are just doing week two- will be posting the rest soon- I have never been so behind!!! xo